Fish Procesing

Company SIC deals with trade (import-export), processing and distribution of fresh and frozen fish products and seafood.

Our storage capacity is 1500 tons of frozen fish and 60 tons of fresh fish. We are equipped with the latest technology so we can assure the freshness of the raw material and the superior quality of products.

The processing, production and storage process is under continuous supervision of our experts, which assure all European sanitary and ecological standards in food industry are followed, from the selection of the finest raw material to the final product. The entire processing system, as well as packaging, warehousing and transport of fish products is carried out according to the strict HACCP standards, including the two International Food Safety and Quality Standards, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

To ensure that the final product that reaches our customers is of the finest quality, there is also logistics and distribution within our business.

We deliver goods to fish markets, restaurants and all our customers in modern refrigerators, under strictly controlled conditions. Top and unquestionable quality, following high health and ecological standards, fast delivery of goods, are just some of the basics of our business. Innovation and continuous investment in production capacities, professional staff and distribution network, are taking us one-step to achieving our business vision of becoming the regional leader in fish processing. Our goal is to become an economic entity, recognized in the EU and beyond for healthy and delicious products from the sea to the satisfaction of all consumers.